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What is PWR Coin?

PWR Coin is a NIST5 POW/POS hybrid cryptocurrency with specifications that make it well qualified to become a viable ecommerce payment option. While PWR Coin excels in offering a secure and efficient ecommerce payment solution, we encourage users to stay informed about the dynamic market conditions, including insights into the bitcoin price prediction. Combining the unique features of individual cryptocurrencies like PWR Coin with a broader awareness of market dynamics ensures users are well-equipped to make informed decisions in the dynamic world of digital assets. Research the details because Knowledge is Power! Learn more by reading the “Specs” section in our FAQS.

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What is PWR PAY?

PWR PAY is a fast, secure and zero cost payment gateway option for ecommerce stores around the globe.

Owners of ecommerce websites are well aware of the costs and difficulties associated with using the common online payment methods. Small volume shops are especially impacted when their sales volume or profit margins are not able to support the high fees.

PWR PAY will provide them with an intelligent and much needed solution. Our payment option will be available to them free of charge. Also, instead of paying fees, shop owners will be able to benefit from 1% staking payouts on their store wallet balance! Learn more by reading the “Use Case” section in our FAQS.

The PWR Pay Ecosystem SMART

Our ecosystem combines PWR Coin which is a cryptocurrency and PWR PAY which is an online payment option. PWR Coin and PWR PAY work together in a complimentary way.

PWR Coin is a hybrid cryptocurrency that allows for proof of work NIST5 mining and proof of stake coin minting. The availability of PWR coins on various crypto exchanges provides traders with opportunities to engage in buying and selling activities. Automated trading bots like bitcode prime also allow users to buy and sell crypto seamlessly. According to bitcode prime erfahrungen, many sources claim it is a reliable and successful trading bot. PWR PAY works in tandem with PWR Coin to provide a brilliant and problem solving online payment solution.

  • 30 second block times for fast transactions
  • Transaction fees at extremely low rates (.00001 PWR)
  • POW / POS coin with a near zero inflation rate
  • Ecommerce store owners can receive POS rewards
  • Free to obtain and use PWR PAY for online stores

Targeted Platforms Shops

PWR PAY will be initially released for the WordPress/Woocommerce platform after extensive beta testing is completed. The remaining targeted ecommerce platforms will be released subsequently.


September 30, 2019


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Upcoming Release Date
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To research the roadmap/timeline more in-depth please read our PWR Coin Road Map Details
PWR Coin Road Map


May 18, 2016

Powercoin initial release from genesis block.

August 20, 2016

Powercoin DMCA take down at Github initiates a fatal downward spiral.

March 31, 2018

New dev team, new branding, new digital footprint, new exchange listing at CryptoHub, relaunch as PWR Coin.

June 30, 2018

New website, release road map, release white paper, release new wallet.

September 30, 2018

Marketing videos, tutorial videos, online paper wallet, tip bot.

December 31, 2018

Branding push, marketing push, new marketcap listing, new exchange listing at Crex24.

March 31, 2019

QT wallet enhancements, lightweight wallet version, tipping system, dice game.

June 30, 2019

Marketing analysis, marketing push, online staking pool, new exchange listing.

September 30, 2019

Marketing push, Android app, PWR PAY plugin for Woocommerce, website faucet.

December 31, 2019

Marketing push, iPhone app, QT wallet enhancements, listing on decentralized exchange.

January 1, 2020 and beyond

Release of PWR PAY plugin for additional targeted ecommerce platforms.

The Team

Disaster Faster
Project Coordinator / Front-End Developer / Marketing
Crypto Developer / Infrastructure Support
Data Analyst, Research, Statistics
Content Development, Media Specialist


Name: PWR Coin
Ticker: PWR
Algorithm: NIST5
RPC Port: 22502
P2P Port: 22504
Block Find Time: 30 Seconds (Avg.)
Difficulty Algorithm: PPC diff algo / re-target every 10 mins
Block Size: 2MB
Mined/Minted Maturity: 40 Blocks (~20 Minutes)
Confirmation: 6 Blocks (~3 Minutes)
Circulation: (1 Year) 9.9B PWR
Circulation: (5 Years) 10.2B PWR
Circulation: (10 Years) 10.6B PWR
Circulation: (20 Years) 11.5B PWR
Circulation: (30 Years) 12.4B PWR
Protocol Support: IPV4, IPV6, TOR
PoS: Peercoin POS 1% MAX Annually / Maximum single POS payout is 100 coins
MinStakeAge: 1hrs

POW Block Reward Tiers:

block 262850 -> 180 COINS - 3 months
block 525650 -> 150 COINS - 3 months
block 1051250 -> 120 COINS - 6 months
block 2102450 -> 100 COINS - 1 year
block 3153650 -> 90 COINS - 1 year
block 4204850 -> 80 COINS - 1 year
block 5256050 -> 70 COINS - 1 year
block 6307250 and up -> 65 COINS
Note: Blocks 1-50 Pre-mine for CryptoHub Exchange Swap 110 to 1 was 9,916,368,050 PWR Coins


PWR Coin Road Map Details

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a list of the most frequently presented questions along with the answers. Chances are your question has been asked before so please take a minute to research for information in this FAQ.

If you have any question or concern that is not addressed in this FAQ, please scroll down and get in touch with us using the contact form below.

Circulating supply lets you know how many coins are loose and currently available to be used. Total supply includes all the currently available coins plus all the current coins that cannot be spent such as locked coins. Max supply is a final total number of the coins that will ever possibly exist.

The circulating supply of PWR Coin is currently a little above 9.9 billion coins. Because POS and POW are constantly adding coins this number is steadily increasing. You can always view the current circulating supply on our official block explorer.

The total supply of PWR Coin is the same as the circulating supply or a little above 9.9 billion coins. The reason circulating, and total supply are the same number is because PWR Coin does not have locked or unavailable coins. Because POS and POW are constantly adding coins this number is steadily increasing. You can always view the current circulating/total supply on our official block explorer.

Because PWR Coin does not have a last final block of its blockchain it does not have an exact finite max supply. Because of this it is best to look at the max supply in terms of inflation according to how many coins will be added in the future. The inflation rate is nearly zero as you can see in the following examples which depict the amount of supply increase. Current – 9.9 billion | 1 year – 9.9 billion | 5 years – 10.2 billion | 10 years – 10.6 billion | 20 years 11.5 billion | 30 years 12.4 billion

On July 31, 2018 users went through a swap procedure. By opting to have their coins at CryptoHub exchange the old coins were swapped out with new coins. Once all the coins were turned in at the deadline a final count was done and a swap ratio of 110 to 1 was applied. The dev team then pre-mined precisely that amount of coins and provided all of them to the exchange. The exchange then passed all those coins out to the users. There was zero extra pre-mine for the dev team or coin fund and all the coins owned by the dev team were bought by the dev team. To provide full transparency, you are encouraged to research the following information. 1090800481658 coins were turned in so with a swap ratio of 110 to 1 the amount of coins needed was 9916368016. In our Gitub source code you can verifying in /src/main.cpp on lines 979-980 that the pre-mine consisted of 50 blocks of 198327361 coins for a total of 9916368050 pre-mined coins. You can verify the transfer of the pre-mined coins to the exchange in our official block explorer. On block 137 TX ID 7cc9ca3b5d75ff8aa3a6bd5eebe123392e30cd72329237d7d98f80d524130578 10 coins were sent to the exchange as a test send. On block 158 TX ID f6ca113796d6619908084b9633d3e05ba33af371aeae91cff25d6a650e0a6606 9916368049 coins were sent to the exchange creating a total of coins sent to the exchange of 9916368059. If you closely scrutinize the numbers, you may notice that 34 additional unnecessary coins were pre-mined and of those an extra 9 additional unnecessary coins were sent to the exchange. This microscopic difference was the result of rounding differences in decimal points and of no consequence as it amounts to 25 extra coins to the dev team and 9 extra coins to the exchange.

A hybrid coin is one which relies on more than one method to process the block chain. PWR Coin meets the hybrid criteria because it uses both proof of work (POW) and proof of stake (POS) to process the block chain.

NIST5 is the algorithm that PWR Coin uses to process its proof of work (POW) function. NIST5 is typically used to mine blocks using a graphics card (GPU). Most times the typical miner will apply their hashing power through a mining pool.

The top richlist wallet address is CryptoHub exchange and does not belong to a single person. We have watched that address go from near 100% at the time of the swap and slowly dwindle down until now where it is sitting at just under 11%.

Currently, if we combine all the top 100 addresses they total 82.77%. Because the number one address belongs to the CryptoHub exchange and contains 10.98% of the supply we can deduct that amount from the top 100. The result then for the top 100 would be 71.79%. This is not out of line with many other coins and as we are a new coin with a relatively small community of around 400+ investors it is reasonable to think that as new investors come in the wealth distribution of the coin will become more attractive.

The development team consists of four developers that typically collaborate and or do a variety of tasks for the needs of the coin. Oftentimes we work as much as seven days a week – week after week. Bear in mind that managing the coin is not just writing source code for the wallet but also includes tasks such as but not limited to, community support, social media posting, website maintenance, tip bot maintenance, remote node maintenance, etc. Past that you also need to understand that the development team maintains a private repository at Github. Usually when working on the source code of the wallet we will do our coding modifications within our private repository and then perform testing on our dedicated testnet. Also, we are working on other coding that needs to be kept out of public view and this would include the tipbot, paper wallet and the PWR Pay plugin. Because a great deal of our coding labor is being done within our private repository and not within public view please don’t be alarmed with any thought that we are not being diligent to complete our tasks on or ahead of schedule. I would sincerely implore you to take notice of our efforts that are visible in the steady stream of items that we are delivering while also giving us credit for always having delivered tasks on or ahead of schedule.

The quickest way to get a response is to go to our Discord or Telegram and present your question to an admin or community manager.

Please scroll up the page and visit our Downloads section.

Yes, we always recommend that you should provide a very strong password and encrypt your wallet to enhance security. Be sure to store a record of your password because if you lose it you will not be able to retrieve your coins and they will be lost!

For most Windows users this will be in C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\pwrcoin3 If you find that your AppData folder is not visible please change your folder settings to show hidden folders and files.

Yes, you can do this with a flag or with a command in the configuration file. If you want to use a flag please right click your shortcut icon and choose properties and then select the shortcut tab. Locate the Target: box and at the end of the existing text place your cursor and create one blank space and then enter the path for your custom directory like this: -datadir=c:\inhere\thisone\here You can also go inside the datadirectory and create a text file and name it pwrcoin.conf Open that file and add the following line: datadir= datadir=c:\inhere\thisone\here and then just relaunch your wallet.

You have several options here but remember you should always back up your wallet frequently and also be sure to keep a copy off of your computer in case you have a hard drive failure. The simplest method is to open the wallet and click on File and then click on Backup Wallet and then choose the location and save the backup copy. Another method is to open your data directory and copy/paste the file which is named wallet.dat. Yet another option is to unlock your wallet and then uncheck the box that says for staking only and then click Tools and then click Debug console and when the window opens click the Console tab. In the command line at the bottom type: dumpwallet NameOfBackUpFile.txt and then hit enter.

We have active and helpful members over on our Discord channel and you should join in and ask your support questions there. Be sure to look in the Discord channel named “wallet-support.”

You can mine PWR Coin using a graphics card (GPU) Most likely you will want to also use a mining pool as it can be very difficult to solo mine. You can check out our tutorial videos on our YouTube channel if you need additional assistance.

Right now, the block reward is 180 coins but, in the future, it will drop down lower in stages. The stages look like this: block 262850 -> 180 COINS – 3 months | block 525650 -> 150 COINS – 3 months | block 1051250 -> 120 COINS – 6 months | block 2102450 -> 100 COINS – 1 year | block 3153650 -> 90 COINS – 1 year | block 4204850 -> 80 COINS – 1 year | block 5256050 -> 70 COINS – 1 year | block 6307250 and up -> 65 COINS

This depends on how powerful your mining hash is, how much total competition there is and even which mining pool you use.

PWR Coin uses the NIST5 mining algorithm.

We have active and helpful miners over on our Discord channel and you should join in and ask your support questions there. Be sure to look in the Discord channel named “mining-support.”

This depends on a variety of factors that can vary from user to user and the market price of the coin is a big part of the picture. If you want to look at an approximate profit you should look around the internet where you can find some different mining profit calculators that are able to give you a rough idea.

All you need to do is have coins in your wallet, leave it running and unlock it for staking.

The maximum coins you can get when minting a block is 100 but it is possible that you could also get less than 100.

This depends on how many coins you have, the total network weight and competition and on how your coins are divided up into different inputs in your wallets. You might mint zero coins in one day and then again you might mint thousands it just depends on the details.

The annual staking rate for PWR Coin is 1% or less. The reason it can be less than 1% is because there is a maximum payout amount of 100 coins.

Yes, you can experiment with using your coin control and splitting your inputs into different sizes. You can learn more about this technique by watching our YouTube tutorial videos.

We have active and helpful members over on our Discord channel and you should join in and ask your support questions there. Be sure to look in the Discord channel named “staking.”

PWR Coin will work in conjunction with the PWR Pay plugin to create a payment gateway for ecommerce stores.

PWR Pay will be targeting these platforms: Woocommerce (WordPress), Magento, Shopify, YoKart, BigCommerce and VTEX.

Our hard deadline for release is the end of September 2019 but we will be working hard to have it released ahead of schedule if possible.

PWR Coin and PWR Pay are two different things. PWR Coin is the altcoin while PWR Pay is an ecommerce payment gateway option that uses PWR Coin as the payment medium.

When we say PWR Coin has an “ulta-low” transaction fee we are pointing out that PWR Coin can be transferred for as little as .00001 PWR for the transaction fee when sending the coin.

When we say PWR Pay is a zero-cost payment gateway we are indicating that if you have an ecommerce shop there are no fees or costs to implement PWR Pay as a payment option at your store and the plugin can be had free of charge. We would consider this an advantage in comparison to another option such as where the store owner would be faced with a recurring monthly fee as well as per transaction costs.

In many cases, ecommerce store owners pay monthly fees as well as transaction fees for payment gateways such as When an ecommerce store opts to use the PWR Pay payment gateway it is possible for them to gain up to 1% APR on coins that are in the wallet. A typical POS payout will be 100 coins and POS payouts are available on the blockchain approximately every 60 seconds. Because the minimum staking age is only one hour it is possible that the PWR Pay wallet being used at an ecommerce store will be able to generate coins. Depending upon how many coins are in the wallet and what the network competition is the wallet could potentially generate 100’s to 1000’s of coins per day. In other words, as users of the ecommerce store deposit their coins the store owner can potentially receive a beneficial reward. This is in stark contrast to other payment gateway options that are not free to use and that do not offer any potential of a free revenue stream.

An online shopper can transfer PWR Coins for as little as .00001 PWR as a transaction fee. This allows a user to send PWR Coins to a PWR Pay wallet at an online ecommerce store or alternately withdraw those coins for a very minimal transaction fee.

Many gateways such as require recurring monthly fees plus transaction fees on each sale. By offering an alternative that does not have these expenses we feel we have the potential to capture some market share.

We will be implementing ION Cube on our PWR Pay code so that it will be encrypted. This will effectively stop other coins from making minor code changes to use our plugin for their coins. It will also increase the security since the code will not be publicly displayed.

The quickest way for you to get a response is to join our Discord or Telegram and present your question to an admin or community manager. You should also take some time to carefully research our white paper.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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