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What is PWR Coin?

PWR Coin is a NIST5 POW/POS hybrid cryptocurrency with specifications that make it well qualified to become a viable ecommerce payment option. Research the details because Knowledge is Power! Learn more by reading the “Specs” section in our FAQS.

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What is PWR PAY?

PWR PAY is a fast, secure and zero cost payment gateway option for ecommerce stores around the globe.

Owners of ecommerce websites are well aware of the costs and difficulties associated with using the common online payment methods. Small volume shops are especially impacted when their sales volume or profit margins are not able to support the high fees.

PWR PAY will provide them with an intelligent and much needed solution. Our payment option will be available to them free of charge. Also, instead of paying fees, shop owners will be able to benefit from 1% staking payouts on their store wallet balance! Learn more by reading the “Use Case” section in our FAQS.

The PWR Pay Ecosystem SMART

Our ecosystem combines PWR Coin which is a cryptocurrency and PWR PAY which is an online payment option. PWR Coin and PWR PAY work together in a complimentary way.

PWR Coin is a hybrid cryptocurrency that allows for proof of work NIST5 mining and proof of stake coin minting. PWR PAY works in tandem with PWR Coin to provide a brilliant and problem solving online payment solution.

  • 30 second block times for fast transactions
  • Transaction fees at extremely low rates (.00001 PWR)
  • POW / POS coin with a near zero inflation rate
  • Ecommerce store owners can receive POS rewards
  • Free to obtain and use PWR PAY for online stores

Targeted Platforms Shops

PWR PAY will be initially released for the WordPress/Woocommerce platform after extensive beta testing is completed. The remaining targeted ecommerce platforms will be released subsequently.


September 30, 2019


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