Welcome to PWR coin!

Important Announcement:

PWR Coin will be forking at block 823,000 around May 14th. This is a mandatory update to wallet version 2.0

You can read all of the information, instructions and also download all of the new wallet releases here: https://github.com/PWRcoin/PWRcoin/releases

Please submit any issues or concerns to the dev team at GitHub.

This is the official website for PWR coin and we’re glad you stopped by!

Introduction: PWR coin was previously known as Power Coin with the ticker PWR. From launch the coin did okay and was able to develop a good-sized and loyal community. Unfortunately, there were errors in the original coding which created an out of control staking situation.

This in turn led to an eventual over-supply of the coin, negative wallet balances and exchanges delisting the coin. The final nail in the coffin was that the original development team completely abandoned the coin offering no community support as well as no coding rework or new wallet releases to solve the various issues the coin was suffering from.

Fast forward to more recently and an individual showed up promising to deliver a coin swap that would be beneficial to the community. After collecting an unknown quantity of coins this individual cancelled that swap and then announced that a different swap would be occurring. That second swap was promised to go live on February 18th, 2018 however it did not and at this time there is great uncertainty as to the outcome of that entire situation.

All of this brings us to right now and you being here reading this web page. An entirely new development team with a proven track record has decided to take on and commit to handling all aspects of this coin. The coin has been re-branded to PWR coin due to previous DMCA issues revolving around the use of Power coin by people other than the original founder. It is imperative to point out at this time that our dev team has absolutely no connection with the individual(s) that have been advertising a coin swap for the original Power coin.

Currently our dev team is hard at work on taking all of the steps that will be necessary to breathe new life into this coin and you are invited to participate and be a part of this journey. A variety of tasks have already been completed and another variety of tasks are currently being worked on as I type. Additionally, we are doing research and in discussion with the community as part of the decision making process to devise the best strategy for the best chosen changes that will place this coin back on the map.

Bear with us as we are working on a complete development of this website and so for now we are just putting up this page to give a brief amount of information so you can stay informed and also follow the progress of our work.

Dev Team Tasks:

  • New Block Explorer – Done
  • New Domain Name, Dedicated Hosting & SSL – Done
  • New Professionally Managed Github Repository – Done
  • New ANN Announcement – Done
  • New Name And Tagline – Done
  • Listing At A New Market Cap Site – Done
  • New Social Pages At Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube & Discord – Done
  • New Logo – Done
  • Listing At A New Exchange – Done
  • New Social Media Graphics – Done
  • Review And Analysis Of Existing Code Deficiencies – Done
  • Multiple VPS Seed Nodes – Done
  • Set Up VPS Node For TestNet Testing – Done
  • Code Rework & Release Of New Binaries – Done
  • New RoadMap – Done
  • High Definition Branding Video – In Progress
  • 2nd Block Explorer – On The Do List
  • New Website – In Progress
  • New White Paper – On The Do List

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